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Elder Dike Emmanuel


As a notable Architect and lifelong entrepreneur, Dike Emmanuel...


Reuben Onwubiko

General Secretary

Samanta came to the company in 2011 and is the head of Renovation for the company. With 25+ years of experience in nearly every aspect of the Renovation industry.

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Nellie Onwuchekwa

Director of

Security expert, Publisher, Philanthropist, Onair Personality, Nellie Onwuchekwa…An Organizational and Sector Diagnostics Controls Expert, Nellie Roselynde Onwuchekwa, (B.Sc. Mass Communications, 1986; M.ILD, Masters in International Law and Diplomacy, 1999, from the University of Lagos), was Head, Security Business, Plans, Program, Integrity and Compliance for ExxonMobil in Nigeria until voluntary retirement in January 2017.

The best Graduating Female in the Social Science Faculty and Award Winner of several departmental/faculty prizes (1986), Nellie, within the past two decades received specialist training and flawlessly executed EM deliverables in Business Continuity Planning and Execution, Oil and Gas Process and Compliance Management, Security Risk Assessment and Management, Security Surveying and Designs, Project Management Assessment, Due Diligence Investigations & Personnel Background Vetting, Bomb Threat Risk Management and Response –including Disaster Management and Control – among others. Nellie Onwuchekwa developed and implemented The Concentric Circle CSR Model and Community Empowerment program post 1998 Oil Spill, which provided clear guidelines for managing Community Stakeholders and curbed disruption of ExxonMobil operations in Nigeria.

She was also Lead Advisor & Subject Matter Expert in Personnel Background Checks and Information Security Risk Management for Mobil Producing Nigeria. A Corporate Communications and Project Process Management Expert, Nellie has over the past 15 years focused on Corporate Business Process Change Management, Business Continuity Planning Strategy, Project Execution and Continual Improvement, Quality Assessment and Assurance of Security Business as well as Organizational Crime Prevention/Reduction Training.

She has initiated and implemented several awareness modules aimed at improving Operations Integrity Management and Compliance in the Company. To ensure information security procedures compliance, she established an Internal Network of Professionals to track and steward security processes and safeguard measures at the grassroots level of the organization. For her resilience and commitment to ‘Consistent Enforcement of Compliance Standards in Information Security’ in ExxonMobil for 10 years, Nellie was awarded The Chairman’s Information Security Leadership Award by Mark Ward, former Chairman/Managing Director in 2014.

She initiated, conceived, scripted and produced the only Information Security Video in Nigeria – “MPI – Connecting the Dots.” An Author and Board Member of Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Nigeria, Nellie Onwuchekwa is committed to improving the lots of the Nigerian Youth. She is the Sole Financier and BOT Member of Afresh Global Foundation and facilitates ‘Growth Café Quarterly Seminars’ as a Youth Empowerment and Enlightenment vehicle since 2008. She also hosts a live radio program “Emotionally Yours” on UNILAG FM also under the aegis of Afresh Global
Foundation. Nellie is an active member of American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) and The South-East & South-South Professionals.